Great wine was born in Pezinok

The city of Pezinok has been closely linked to Slovak wine since the 15th century. Around this time was also created the Brotherhood of guild of vine-dressers whose traditions and precision in winemaking inspires Slovak vintners to this day.

Back then wine was consumed only on special occasions. However, the vineyards gradually grew in size, wine production increased, and the craft of winemaking was perfected.

Pezinok is also our birth place – as the name of company Vitis Pezinok suggests. We want our name to honour this city’s strong and rich history.

Pezinok will forever be a cathedral of wine in Slovakia – our archives are located here to this day. Wines mature here in natural climate, sometimes for decades, which makes them a true crown jewel for all vintners and wine enthusiasts. For them, archiving wine is one of the best ways of getting a taste of the past.

Archiving wine lets us experience the past

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Modern technologies help us sustain high quality

Wines from our collections are made from the best grapes in Slovak wine areas.

In Vitis Pezinok we give
the grapes soul and the bottles
heir own story.

Terroir in combination with rich experiences of our experts allow us to produce high quality wines, that can pleasantly surprise even those who thought they have already tasted it all.

However, high quality grape vines and ripe grapes are not the only ingredients that make a great wine. The picked fruit has to be processed with love and care, without the loss of enthusiasm and drive for constant improvement.

In Vitis Pezinok we give the grapes soul and the bottles their own story. Since we know the history of winemaking processes and we use the latest research and technology, we can keep up with the times and produce wines for everyone.

Our grapes come from these vineyards


Via vinum

Our mission is to produce and offer high quality wines with singular character, that will charm the taste buds and sensibilities of everyone who touches them. To us, every bottle is an art piece that preserves quality.

The interplay of colours, scents, and flavours allows us to create a moment of surprise in which everyone will find their way to wine, their via vinum.

With Vitis everyone will find their way to wine

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